Created by the Zukunftsinstitut, one of the most influential think tanks in European trend analysis and future studies, we are fortunate to be able to combine the wisdom gained from forecasting with exclusive insights from collaborating with the world’s leading experts in our work. This background is what gives us our unique position in the management consulting market.

All the methods we have developed focus on clarity and effectiveness. They give you direction, help you navigate the market of the future, and empower you to apply our 20 years of knowledge in trend analysis and future studies to your own needs.

Welcome to the management consultancy of the future!



Behind every mission, there’s a driving force. In our case, it’s our love of knowledge and development. Our corporate manifesto includes 7 guiding principles.

  • Our background is in trend analysis and future studies.
  • We make management consulting quick, clear, and effective.
  • We work with methods that we have developed ourselves.
  • Our methods are unconventional and based on the work of
    leading contemporary researchers.
  • Our goal is to define the methods of tomorrow.
  • We see the world as a learning community and share our
    methodological expertise.
  • Every day is a day of learning.

We develop the standards for the management consulting of the future.

To achieve orientation and effectiveness.

For a better world, a holistic economy, and smarter companies.

Harry Gatterer

The inventor behind it all.

Trend and futures researcher Harry Gatterer is the managing director of Zukunftsinstitut. His work focuses on the links between social trends and business decisions. As a speaker, he delivers practical knowledge and thought-provoking forecasts. A key component of his work is connecting with extraordinary pioneers in leading disciplines of the future.

The future doesn’t happen by chance.
It is determined by our own

Harry Gatterer

We are the Future Room.

Our team is made up of an operational core that leads the business and manages individual projects. We also work with a wide-ranging network of international experts.

Marcel Aberle
Managing Director Zukunftsinstitut
// Future Room Expert

Marcel’s background lies in technology and strategic consulting. You won’t be surprised to hear that he has an Alexa at home. Deep down, however, he’s an expert in trends and systems. He deploys the Future Room method cleverly and precisely, matching the strengths of the Future Room method to each company’s specific needs.


Stefan Doblhofer
// Future Room Expert

Stefan Doblhofer has been a management consultant, coach and management trainer for many years. He is interested in how organizations tick, what moves them – and what blocks them. A degree in theology, an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, and training as a systemic consultant form a very broad basis for this. Numerous projects and university teaching assignments on change and innovation are constantly deepening these. Curiosity and a love of experimentation open up new paths for him and his clients time and again.

Rainer Meyer
// Future Room Expert

Rainer Meyer is the managing partner of KRUPS CONSULTANTS in Düsseldorf. After various successful experiences in business, he founded today’s consulting firm together with the former partner of the household appliance manufacturer KRUPS. The functional focus of the consultancy lies in the area of strategy development and the shaping of change. Rainer Meyer supports not only industrial clients but also service organizations and public institutions. As Managing Director of KRUPS Executive Advisors in Zurich, he worked in the field of entrepreneurship consulting. As “Executive Sounding Board” he has been available to entrepreneurs and top managers in the entire German-speaking area for years.

Andreas Bärtsch
// Future Room Expert

Andreas Bärtsch is the founder and partner of Quant AG – a Swiss innovation lab that accompanies strategic development as well as positioning and transformation processes. He has many years of experience in various management positions in the tourism, sports and leisure industries and is an expert in strategic management, business development, e-commerce, strategic marketing as well as brand management and communication.

Gerald Ziegler
// Future Room Expert

Gerald Ziegler is a passionate and enthusiastic «enabler» of organizational and cultural development processes. Also, a lateral thinker and visionary.
In 1996 he founded his first company which led organizations through areas of personnel development, leadership development and change management. In 2013, he moved to Switzerland and became head of the in-house Academy for Organizational and Personnel Development. In 2017 he founded the second company: theCHANGEmaker in Zug and Salzburg. One of his priorities is making organizations fit and competent for the future, inside and out. His work does not stop at superficial explanations and symptoms, but rather strives to discover the background, the driving motives, the inner attitudes and thinking structures of an organization. He gets at the DNA of an organization and how it can be developed further. His dream is a world where people, society, the environment and profit are equal economic partners.

Stephanie Gatterer
Managing Director Zukunftsinstitut
// Future Room Enthusiast

Stephanie’s approach is based on an unflinching view of what’s important. Through her work, she achieves focus and direction. It is with good reason that she is responsible for financial matters in the company. In addition, she recognizes both the potential and the obstacles that lie in systemic structures. This enables her to create the conditions for operational excellence, capacity for innovation, and progress.

Theresa Schleicher
// Future Room Expert

Theresa Schleicher is Managing Director of the exclusive Future Room cooperation partner for brand development and brand communication VORN Strategy Consulting – the brand and management consultancy of Hirschen Group, which, with 800 employees, is one of the largest agency groups in Germany. As a strategist and innovation consultant, she passionately develops innovative brand and business strategies – and has been doing so for many years with national and international companies from the automotive, retail, FMCG and technology / IT sectors.
As a retail expert of the Zukunftsinstitut, she advises leading retail companies on future topics in the form of lectures, expert panels and specialist committees. In her function, she is always a welcome guest of the jury for several innovation awards in Germany.

Gabriel Diakowski
// Future Room Expert

Gabriel Diakowski studied linguistics and communication science in Vienna and started as a copywriter and conceptual designer for leading creative agencies in Austria during his studies. After some journeys into film and theater scene, his career took him to Germany, where he worked for two of the most internationally renowned advertising agencies. After spending several months in a Buddhist monastery, he finally became self-employed in order to intensify research into the psychology of religion and the philosophy of language. Since then he accompanies enterprises in phases of growth and transformation as copywriter, author and conceptual designer. Together with Harry Gatterer he developed the book “Future Room Vision”. He is out specialist for visionary narratives and sustainable communication. 

Susanne Nickel
// Future Room Expert

Susanne Nickel is THE expert for change 4.0 and innovative leadership. For many years she worked as a manager and consultant in national and international companies – most recently as Division Manager Management Development at Kienbaum and as Head of HR at Haufe. She has been in and out of many DAX 30 companies for many years. From change in mindset to successful implementation – the woman knows how necessary changes really succeed. Susanne Nickel is a lawyer, business mediator and executive coach. She has appeared as a legal expert on TV for many years and is known for explaining complex issues in simple ways. She is the author of four books and one of the Top 100 Speakers DACH.

Valeria Romme
// Future Room Talent

Valeria’s university studies focused on the connection between our shared human experiences and economic forces. In the Future Room, she finds new and unexpected ways to apply this background. Her own experiences with multicultural contexts also give her added insight. She enriches every project with her breadth of knowledge and focused approach.

Maik Hofmann
// Future Room Expert

Maik Hofmann is Managing Director of VORN Strategy Consulting GmbH and CEO of Account Planning Group Germany (APG), the Association of Brand and Communication Strategists Germany. As graduate in business administration, Maik Hofmann began his career in the insurance industry before becoming co-owner of a hip-hop wholesale. He then moved to the agency industry and supervised mainly medium-sized companies in their financial market and corporate communications. After spending time with Bates / 141 Germany, he founded the Frankfurt office of the digital brand agency argonauten and, after almost 14 years, moved to the brand and design boutique hauserlacour as Managing Director before taking over the management of VORN.

Philipp Hofstätter
// Future Room Expert

Philipp Hofstätter is a trend researcher and business philosopher. After completing his studies in philosophy, sociology and economics, he gained several years of experience in the IT industry, which he saw as a breeding ground for new methods of collaboration and management. As co-founder of a start-up, he sharpened his entrepreneurial eye. As an external expert of the Zukunftsinstitut, he now advises companies to use new business and management methods in order to be efficient and socially responsible in equal measure. He is the co-developer and author of the Lifestyles Study and brings his expertise to the Future Room Resonance. 

Gunhard Keil
// Future Room Expert

Gunhard Keil lives ambidexterity – in forestry with economic cycles of 100 and more years and in his company for digitalization, where change is on the agenda. 30 years of leadership experience, including the executive board of a 1,800-strong IT service provider, teaching at several universities and numerous international lectures on the topics of digitization, change and new workplace complete the picture. The entrepreneur who lives, teaches and creates change, is listed in the top 100 companies in DACH and works as the sparring partner for numerous CEOs. He is passionate about development which always takes place in the future. His credo: The Future Room is the best way to start a successful change process.

Arianne Moser
// Future Room Expert

Arianne Moser is a managing board member of various SME  and politically active since July 2018. Her experience ranges from directing, advising and supporting the strategy-finding and strategy-implementation processes of international companies and SMEs to the development of corporate and brand positioning and support in marketing tasks.
Arianne Moser successfully led the project in the succession planning and finding of a new majority shareholder of an SME. She has held several senior roles in product, project and marketing management in the past.
As a member of the board of directors, chairman of the board and member of strategy committees, she has successfully guided strategic change projects. She also has many years of experience in non-profit organizations.

Raphael Shklarek
// Future Room Talent

Raphael’s perception is shaped by the studies of psychology and political science. Thus he is predestined to recognize both historical and societal contexts of social systems. The Future Room is precisely about recognizing and interpreting patterns. With his knowledge of the mechanisms of perception and cognition, he can help clients in the Future Room to adjust their own perception in relation to the future.


Bastian Bakeberg
// Future Room Expert

Bastian Bakeberg is Strategy Director at VORN Strategy Consulting GmbH in Berlin. His goal is to use effective strategies to help brands find their own path into the future. This includes the positioning of brands, the implementation in the company and the external stakeholders as well as the development of corresponding services and offers. As a brand strategist, he has been advising a broad spectrum of national and international companies, such as Automotive, finance, retail or industrial companies.

Daniel Dettling
// Future Room Expert

Daniel Dettling is a creative mastermind. His specialization is a new balance of politics, economy and society. The lawyer and doctor of public administration is one of the most renowned political experts in Germany. He is the founder of the Insistute for Future Policy, an independent think tank above party lines. As a freelancer consultant, he represents the Zukunftsinstitut in Berlin and supports strategic Future Room projects.

Daniel Anthes
// Future Room Expert

Daniel Anthes, graduated economic geographer, business economist and publicist, is currently engaged in the work on the mega-trend Neo-Ecology. He takes his perspective on a meta level with a view to the Next Economy or the Slow Business, or on the individual level with a view to new lifestyles, such as minimalism and the new Foodie-Generation. He works as a speaker and consultant for the Zukunftsinstitut. In addition, the passionate blogger regularly writes on the topics of future and sustainability, primarily in terms of the food industry. As a creative mind, he mainly accompanies Future Room projects with a focus on innovation.

Andreas Moser
// Future Room Expert

Andreas Moser has experienced over 20 years in operational management functions in the area of human resources and corporate communication at C-level as well as in advising and supporting organizations in strategic change projects, especially in the cooperative environment.
In the past Andreas Moser has been involved successfully as an expert and consultant by CEOs in corporate mergers, strategic implementation projects, reorganizations and executive coaching. The core activities of Andreas Moser include strategy development, designing of strategy anchoring processes, design and presentation of interactive large group events, communication design in change, mergers and restructuring of executive boards. Andreas Moser also has several years of experience in sports management.


Consortium for the future.

In order to establish the management consultancy of the future, we network with outstanding partners. Only as a “consortium for the future” it can and will be possible to break up well-established paths and to enforce a reflected, future-oriented and effective consultation. For this we live a lively exchange and promote common developments with:

Harald Katzmair
Harald Katzmair

Harald Katzmair is a lecturer, visiting scientist and guest speaker at various universities as well as managing director and scientific director of the FAS-Research Social Science Research Society. He uses his visionary understanding of network science and resilience theory in leadership, decision-making and business development to empower organizations and their leaders to make robust and resilient decisions in a world of speed and turbulence. 

Martin Ebeling
Martin Ebeling

Martin Ebeling is a philosopher and leads the Learning & Development Program of School of Life Berlin. With the mission of realizing the potential for emotional growth, he engages as speaker, trainer and presenter, even though he prefers to present himself an investigator of ideas. He is convinced that work does not get in the way of happiness and works to ensure that mindfulness and (self-) compassion find an increased entrance into our working environment and society. As the author of “Conciliatory Democracy”, he advocates a different approach to the political differences that characterize our time. In addition, he has authored numerous scientific philosophical essays.